My Large Works

1990. The Muses, large-sized muralia enamel work in the entrance hall of the Cultural Center of Nagykanizsa
1992. The Arms of the Republic of Hungary and The Arms of Nagykanizsa on the facade of the Townhall
1994. Legends in the headquarters of the Bank OTP (triptichon, size: 150 x 250)
1996. The iconostas of Kozma and Damján in the Dialysis Center of Nagykanizsa (consists of 12 pictures)
2003. Surgery in the surgical department of the Hospital of Nagykanizsa (enamel work, size: 220 x 120)
2003. The Hill-Country of Zala in the office building of the Forestry of Nagykanizsa (enamel work, size: 260 x 150)

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